Slamdance is thrilled to announce the 32 semi-finalists for the 2013 Screenwriting and Teleplay Competition presented by Junto Box Films. Congratulations all! The finalists will be announced on October 2nd. Stay tuned!


(in alphabetical order)


Butterfly Children by Melanie Schiele
Mister by A.M. Wallace
Swine by Clayton Sakoda
Terrestrials by Elliot Sutherland & Teresa Sutherland
The Camel Jockey by Scott Walker
The Ecdysiasts by Mary F. Unser
Trials and Tribulations by Dameon D. Pichetrungsi
Wallingford by Lisa Rubin


Biohacker by Chris Wojcik
Dead Tired by Geoffrey Uloth
Exquisite Corpses by Mark Strassel & Rebecca Rudell
Ghost Eaters by M. Robert Turnage
Gray Matter by Robert Dossa
Secrets of Jeremiah Valley by Landis Aponte
That Time of the Month by Joe Hauler
When The Moon Rises by Jeff Storms


Before the Bomb by Tannaz Hazemi & James Grimaldi
Creatures of Habit by Kerry Russell
Men of Color by Mike Kearby
The Illusion of Pain by Carroll Brown
The Substitute by Madeleine Sims-Fewer
Think Ink by Emily Hu
Three Days In Charikar by Lynelle White
You're a Good Guy, Eli by Cornelius Murphy


Bad News by Tim Schildberger
Kidding by David Holstein
Negative Space by David Harari
Resident by Andrew Gerngross
Roanoke by Tricia Aurand
Security by Brian Hurney
The Bagel Horse by Matt Shapiro & David Sidorov
The Thief and the Prophesies by Barry Leach