LOS ANGELES – February 19, 2013 – Slamdance announces March 2nd in Austin, TX as the first leg of “Slamdance On The Road” today from the HQ in Los Angeles. “On The Road” brings popular Slamdance films to audiences that otherwise would not have the opportunity to see them. The traveling showcase also supports local filmmaking and the development of independent filmmaking with live discussions known as "Coffee With..." events.

On Saturday, March 2, 2013 in downtown Austin's historic Paramount theatre, Slamdance will showcase 2013 Grand Jury award winners Bible Quiz (Best Documentary) and The Dirties (Best Feature Narrative) together with Texas made shorts, Hearts of Napalm and Winkelmann, TX.

 5:00pm Feature: Bible Quiz w/ Short: Winkelmann, TX (and filmmaker Q&A) 
7:30pm Feature: The Dirties w/ Short: Hearts of Napalm (and filmmaker Q&A)
 9:00pm Slamdance On The Road Coffee With… The Dirties

Following the screening of The Dirties, there will be a “Coffee With..” discussion with director Matt Johnson and producer Matt Miller. We will hear how the film really got made and answers to the question "can you laugh with the boy holding the gun?"

Slamdance President and Co-Founder Peter Baxter explains, “Slamdance has a proven track record of unearthing great films; yet the commercial challenges many of our alumni face post festival acclaim are harder than ever. This means we are compelled to develop a theatrical program beyond the festival as well as driven to help filmmakers find popular audiences. The standard of Slamdance films, like “The Dirties” and “Bible Quiz”, deserve this much and we believe audiences will respond.”

About the Feature Films:
Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz, directed by Nicole Teeny, is a documentary that challenges stereotypes as it tells the story of teen love set against the unusual backdrop of the religious sport of Bible Quiz. The film portrays an even-handed look at religion through the eyes of teenagers Mikayla and her crush, team captain JP, as they explore faith, identity, sexuality, and competition at one of the most unique summits in American religion today. “Nicole Teeny’s documentary about young love and the role religion can play in confusing budding romantic feelings is simple, unbiased, and ultimately quite moving” – Beth Hanna, IndieWire

Buy Tickets for Bible Quiz here: http://www.austintheatre.org/site/Calendar?view=Detail&id=32281

The Dirties
The Dirties is about best friends, Matt and Owen, who live in a world of endless movie references and hijinks. It would be perfect, if not for the cruel and insane bullies at their high school who make their lives hell. While working on a movie about their revenge, the lines between fiction and reality blur together. What was once a harmless fantasy takes the form of a real-life school shooting in this comedic and horrifying look at the devastating effects of high school bullying. Directed by Matt Johnson “…the most controversial (and arguably best) film in all of Park City: “The Dirties”… the most empathetic and human portrait of bullying, and its deadly consequences, ever put on film.” – Xaque Gruber, Huffington Post

Buy Tickets for The Dirties here: http://www.austintheatre.org/site/Calendar?view=Detail&id=32261

Texas Made Shorts:

Hearts of Napalm

After another anticlimactic night, a sexually frustrated girl challenges her unimaginative boyfriend to stimulate her in new ways. Directed by Andy Irving.

Winkelmann, TX

A history in rotting wood. Some people collect stamps or foreign currency as way of quantifying the places they have been or the places they have always wanted to see. It is a sort of documentation of a history either lived or longed for. In Texas, people collect property. Directed by Caleb Garcia.

Links to purchase tickets to these screenings and the “Coffee With…” event will be available on Slamdance.com as well as on AustinTheatre.org.

About Slamdance: As a year-round organization, Slamdance serves as a showcase for the discovery of the new and emerging talent and is dedicated to the nurturing and development of new independent artists and their cinematic vision. The Slamdance 2013 Film Festival ran concurrently with the Sundance Film Festival, January 18-24, in Park City, Utah. Slamdance continues to live by its mantra: “By Filmmakers, For Filmmakers.” No other festival is fully programmed by filmmakers. Slamdance is proud to count among its alumni many notable writers and directors who first gained notice at the festival, including such cinematic luminaries as Christopher Nolan, Oren Peli, Marc Forester, Jared Hess, Lena Dunham, Behn Zeitlin, Anthony and Joe Russo, Seth Gordon, and Lynn Shelton. New filmmakers and writers today realize that Slamdance is a place to launch their careers.

Supporting the filmmakers beyond the festival and improving distribution opportunities for its films has become increasingly important for Slamdance. After beginning an exclusive video on demand partnership with Microsoft in 2010, Slamdance has continued to expand its year-round platform and exhibition efforts on platforms like Xbox 360 and Cinecliq, as well as its theatrical On The Road programs in the US. On The Road programs also took place abroad in 2012 in Moscow and Krakow. The Slamdance 2013 Screenwriting Competition presented by JuntoBox Films will launch on February 25th and welcome screeplays in every genre, on any topic, from anywhere in the world. Awards are given to the top three scripts in each category, with a Grand Prize of $10,000 cash and no less than $50,000 in production funds for the best feature-length screenplay regardless of category.

Slamdance is proud to partner with sponsors who share their unique vision and support emerging artists who are pushing the boundaries of independent filmmaking. The 2013 Slamdance Film Festival’s Major Sponsors included Kodak, Carhartt and The Directors Guild of America. Official Sponsors included Blackmagic Design, Different By Design, JuntoBox Films, InkHead Promotional Products, and Variety, the Official Media Partner.

The 2014 Film Festival will run from January 17-23 and will mark Slamdance’s 20th Year. You can be sure it will continue to burn with the desire to discover and support emerging artists from all different walks of life, all over the world.

Additional information about the Slamdance Film Festival is available at slamdance.com

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