November 13, 2012 –From PARANORMAL ACTIVITY to last year’s BINDLESTIFFS, Slamdance filmmakers understand what it means to Do-It-Yourself. Those DIY'ers lucky enough to wear the laurelled badge of Slamdance have trudged through the trenches and survived with war stories to share. The Festival ‘By Filmmakers, For Filmmakers’ looks for that same lace-up-your-boots mentality from its Sponsors. We’re proud to welcome back Carhartt as a Major Sponsor for the 2013 Film Festival. Here’s why:

Last year Carhartt joined Slamdance in Park City as a Special Events Sponsor at our headquarters - The Treasure Mountain Inn. Within two days the crew had setup shop and built the Carhartt Backcountry Club. The space proved to be one of the most irreverent party spots on all of Main Street hosting the likes of Neil Young, William H. Macy, and a not-to-be-forgotten horde of zombie models.

“In the last two years, I have been lucky enough to work with the Carhartt team to create an experience at Slamdance that strengthens the filmmaker community in Park City,” explains Festival producer, Greg Urich. “The quality, performance, and integrity Carhartt maintains as a brand mirrors that of Slamdance and makes our partnership a natural fit.”

According to Tony Ambroza, Vice President of Marketing for Carhartt, “Carhartt is a brand for doers; we make workwear for tradespeople and craftspeople who use their hands to make a living. Filmmakers are hard-working, do-whatever-it-takes craftsmen who personify passion in order to produce quality work. And these men and women are a prime example of who we make workwear for." In addition to providing an events space, the Carhartt team created Slamdance branded beanies, hoodies, and coats for Slam's staff and filmmakers.

We look forward to sustaining our creative partnership with Carhartt at the 2013 Festival as we continue to develop new relationships with DIY sponsors. “We are honored to join Slamdance at the Film Festival to celebrate the passion and quality of work of today’s independent filmmakers,” Ambrozia concludes. Long live the Slam Brand!

Contact sponsorship@slamdance.com for 2013 Sponsorship opportunities!

Connect with Carhartt:
website: www.carhartt.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Carhartt
Twitter: @Carhartt