‪#‎AskSparky‬, is Slamdance's new Q&A series where you can ask ‪#‎Slamdancers‬ questions on Twitter! Our first session took place on April 25th at 11am PST. Nicole Teeny, the director of Bible Quiz (2013 Jury Prize Winner for Documentary Feature) was online to answer, in 140 characters or less, questions about her film before its release in LA the same day. The film will play at Downtown Independent through May 1st and you can buy tickets here.

In case you missed the Q&A, here's how it went down:

N: Welcome everyone, this is Nicole! We're staring #AskSparky now. My film @BibleQuizMovie opens today in LA @DowntownIndie! Come see it!!!

Q: How did you decide to make a doc about bible quiz?
N: My younger bro was a quizzer and I grew up around bible quiz (although I never joined).

Q: How do you relate to the characters in your documentary?
N: I'm literally related to Chris in the film—he's my bro! But I empathized with Mikayla—a young girl trying to figure out what she believes while still navigating teenage life.

Q: What's the best memory you have of filming?
N: One of the sweetest memories was when Mikayla admitted she loved JP! As a fellow girl you know when your friend likes someone.

Q: Can you talk about the approach to the film? Is the story you went to film what ended up onscreen?
N: I came in with an open mind but had a story about the competition and JP—When I met Mikayla i knew she was it.

Q: Nicole are any of your characters still doing bible quiz competitions?
N: The two main characters graduated high school which made them ineligible, but the youngest members and coaches continued to do quiz.

Q: What have been some of the biggest challenges you've come up against during the making of Bible Quiz?
N: Finding funding! At some point you realize if you want to make your movie you have to do it for less.

Q: What was the surprise that happened in making the film? What did you not expect?
N: Learning how much work comes after you finish the edit! There's a lot to do with festivals, distribution, online, etc.

Q: Were there alternate endings that you did and what made you ultimately decide on this cut?
N: We had tried flash forwards to their life now, but we decided it was best kept contained to that summer.

Q: How did you meet Mikayla? Did you anticipate such growth and self-awareness when you started filming?
N: When I met Mikayla thru my brother it was clear she was troubled and on a journey, but I did not know where it would lead.

Q: Since you shot for a long time, how did you know when your film was done?
N: A natural stopping point was after they got home from the competition- from there I did follow up interviews.

Q: How did Mikayla and JP react to the film? Especially given Mikayla really opened up about her feelings.
N: I think it's surreal for anyone to see their life in a movie! Especially if it's the high school version of you. Mikayla said she's thankful—she feels self-conscious when it plays, but the doc has changed her life for the better. JP is supportive of Mikayla and proud of her.

Q: Who are some documentarians that inspire you as a filmmaker?
N: I love the work of Errol Morris, Les Blank, Marco Williams, Werner Herzog...too many for one tweet!

Q: With all the extra footage, can make a sequel or like an entirely different film?
N: Haha! Definitely! There's always more than one film lurking in the footage! A lot of difficult cuts had to be made.

Q: Could you please talk about the importance of festival screenings and life after the Slamdance screening?
N: Having screenings in different regions of the country I found were crucial to growing awareness and expanding reach. I tried to screen the film in places that would resonate with the film, regionally and subject-wise.

Q: Some say that the way to reach audiences is to give your stuff away for free. How do you feel about that?
N: I'm not sure, it may work for some but not for others. Tides are always changing and I'm curious to see how the industry evolves.

Q: Bible Quiz has a really honest, sometimes sad, story about growing up. It really made the film such a crowd pleaser and relatable.
N: Thanks!!

Q: Hi Nicole - what's your best advice for recent film school grads looking for experience?
N: If you want to be a filmmaker, just start now! There will never be enough money, resources etc.

Q: What's your next film?
N: I'm working on several projects, both doc and narrative! Stay tuned world!

Q: What areas of production did you have to to adjust/ sacrifice budget to make it for less?
N: Music rights. But it ended up being a blessing because the score Christopher North made was soooooo much better!!!!

Q: What was the inspiration for Bible Quiz?
N: I wanted to give insight into a religious subculture, reveal their humanity without bias or promotion.

N: THANK YOU ALL! Check out the film this week at @DowntownIndie! Find me at @nicoleteeny & @BibleQuizMovie & http://biblequizmovie.com 

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