It only took us a few years to catch up to the interplanetary phenomenon known as Instagram. Ironically enough, the day we set up our account, Instagram announced its new terms and conditions, stating that advertisers “may pay [Instagram] to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata) . . . without any compensation to you.”

How is it that an application, which has already established a database of 100 million users, is able to claim the people’s copyrights simply by changing its terms and conditions with one notification email? Apparently, it’s not uncommon among social media sites.

Coincidentally, Slamdance programmed filmmaker Cullen Hoback’s documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply for the 2013 Festival, before any of this happened, which addresses the very subject.

What are we doing about it?
In the Slamdance style, we’re getting a little rebellious by bombarding the scene. To get involved, all you have to do is post a photo via your Instagram app between January 14-January 24, 2013 that shows us your fearless response to these new policies and parades your independent artistry. For extra credit, strap on your SlamTie (Slamdance Logo) and show us where you think a little Slamdance is needed. Photoshop, print, or display your SlamTie on your phone, then caption your photo with @Slamogram #slamdance2013. To encourage your expression, we are giving away two Slambrand T-shirts! Keep in mind - just because you don’t win a tee doesn’t mean we won’t give you a shout-out – Slamdance staff will be going through their favorites every few days and sharing your photos as your artwork.

Consideration dates run January 14, 2012 – January 24, 2013. Two winners will be chosen - 1 with the most ‘likes’ and 1 chosen by Slamdance staff. And remember: Slamdance is run democratically, so it won’t be one sole person making the call. Winners will be notified via Instagram and Twitter.

- Follow @Slamogram on your Instagram app.
- Upload a photo with your Instagram app between January 14, 2012-January 24, 2013 that is specifically relative to subject matter as noted above
- Caption your photo @Slamogram #Slamdance2013

By entering the contest (captioning a photo @Slamogram #Slamdance2013), participants agree that their work may be shared by @Slamogram.

Happy Slamming!
Click HERE to download your SlamTie.

By Mandy Wilson