Slamdance and Chill | Vol. 4

A list of Slamdance films you can stream at home! Support Slamdance filmmakers and learn, laugh, cry and be entertained at the same time. Feature films are available for rent, purchase or, in some cases, free or available through streaming services you already subscribe to. All short films are free to watch online. Enjoy!

Funny Story (2018)

Directed by Michael Gallagher, Written by Steve Greene & Michael Gallagher

An aging heartthrob crashes his estranged daughter's vacation in Big Sur to make amends, but his efforts cause surprising and tragic results. From director Michael Gallagher comes a hilarious and heartfelt tragicomedy you never saw coming. Funny Story explores the destructive power of narcissism, the healing power of forgiveness, and the dangers of doing karaoke after drinking too much tequila.

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Watch this first to get you in the mood:

Ready for Love (2019)

Directed and Written by Dylan Pasture & Lauren McCune

"Amber Lynn Weatherbee knows that the right man is out there and she’s determined to find him by getting cast on “The Bachelor.” Told entirely through audition tapes sent into the popular TV show, “Ready for Love,” is a profound character study of our times, funny but also surprisingly heartbreaking, about the dreams and delusions of an average American woman searching for the thing she’s been told exists - the perfect man."

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Behind the Bullet (2019)

Directed by Heidi Yewman

Set in a world upended by a complete breakdown of society, two couples hide out in a lakeside cabin hoping to survive the crisis. As resources run low and external threats increase, they forge an uneasy alliance with their self-sufficient hippie neighbor. Poorly equipped to cope in a world without technology and saddled with completely conflicting world views, everything begins to disintegrate. Finally, each of them faces a critical decision they never thought they’d have to make

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Pair it with another thought-provoking doc...

Irregulars (2017)

Directed by Fabio Palmieri

Against a tellingly hypnotic factory backdrop, a refugee encapsulates the global immigration crisis in his own wrenching words.

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Seadrift (2019)

Directed by Tim Tsai

In 1979, a Vietnamese refugee shoots and kills a white crab fisherman at the public town docks in Seadrift, TX. What began as a dispute over fishing territory erupts into violence and ignites a maelstrom of boat burnings, KKK intimidation, and other hostilities against Vietnamese refugees along the Gulf Coast. Set during the early days of Vietnamese refugee arrival in the U.S. SEADRIFT examines the shooting and its dramatic aftermath, and reveals the unexpected consequences that continue to reverberate today.

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Watch it with another poetic documentary of lives lost near water..

Big Surf (2018)

Directed by Brian Smee

San Francisquito Cyn, March 12th, 1928: The sound a horse makes as it's drowning. Minutes before midnight, the St. Francis Dam fails. It takes five and a half hours for the dam water to wash out to sea, taking with it hundreds of souls.

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Pick of the Litter (2018)

Directed by Dana Nachman and Don Hardy

Five spirited Labrador puppies embark on an incredible journey to become guide dogs for the blind. Which ones will have what it takes?

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Pair it with another film for dog lovers...

Dog in the Woods (2019)

Directed by Christian Chapman, Paul Jason Hoffman

A downtrodden house dog escapes into the woods at night to follow the psychedelic temptations of the natural world.

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Tapeworm (2020)

Directed by Fabián Velasco & Miloš Mitrovič

A hypochondriac, a failed comedian, a loner and two naive stoners seek an escape from their pitiful and mundane existence.

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Pair it with another hilarious comedy from the Commonwealth...

Tunnel Ball (2019)

Written and Directed by Davis Jensen

A boy goes to a new school. Everyone is identical and loves the sport Tunnel Ball. The only way to fit in is to beat them at their own game.

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Weather House (2017)

Directed by Frauke Havemann, Eric Schefter and written by Mark Johnson

In an unspecified time of extreme planetary climate change, an isolated group of disoriented characters spend their time engaged in absurd activities. Trying to provide a measure of normality, they develop their own strange belief systems and routines. One man builds a network of wires. Another keeps himself attached to a plant. A woman is constantly recording sounds, but why and for whom? Weather House is ultimately as dark, strange and unpredictable as the weather itself.

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Watch it with...

Hierophany (2019)

Written and Directed by Kevin Contento

First-time performers round out the cast of this stunning metaphysical drama, set against the sugarcane fields of Florida. Tempted into stealing a backpack full of rabbits, a young man living on the margins of American society has an unexpected encounter with the divine.

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Dear Zachary (2017)

Directed by Kurt Kuenne

Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne's poignant tribute to his murdered childhood friend, Andrew Bagby, tells the story of a child custody battle between the baby's grieving grandparents and Shirley Turner, Bagby's pregnant ex-girlfriend and suspected killer. Initially, Kuenne made this documentary as a memorial for Andrew's loved ones, but it morphs into an emotional legal odyssey when Turner goes free on bail and is allowed to raise her son.

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For another poignant family-focused story, watch...

Nonna (2017)

Written and Directed by Pascal Plante

Just another visit to grandma's...a blend of narrative and documentary, this heartwarming short film will make you want to immediately call your grandparents.

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