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A Statement From Slamdance Alum Marcin Borchardt

Dear Friends,
As a filmmaker, I can not be deaf and blind in the face of war. That's why I started this private awakening campaign.
I hope you know what is happening in Ukraine. Putin unleashed a criminal war, and suddenly, one day everything changed. I have a lot of Ukrainian friends, so what's going on right now is just heartbreaking.
It's difficult for me to briefly describe what is happening in Poland where I’m now. The scale of helping and engaging everyone around is unprecedented and impressive. Nobody doubts that if Ukraine falls, Poland and the other Eastern European countries will be the next target.
As a Slamdance alumn, I’m proud that I can spread the ideas of the festival. Our community's most important slogan is - filmmakers for filmmakers. Now, the time is right to act. Any help, any form of demonstration of solidarity is very important. Together we can do a lot even on a symbolic level. Please support Ukraine with words, symbols or anything in social media.
Putin sets the world on fire, he wants to destroy everything we believe and why we live.
Stand with Ukraine!
Marcin Borchardt


1. Important message from Docudays UA Team.

2. Support for Ukrainian Filmmakers - Babylon ’13 

3. I also recommend NEXTA.TV 

Fundraiser To Support the Cast and Crew of "A Family"

Jayden Stevens' A Family, which was featured as part of the 2021 Slamdance program, was filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine. A fundraiser has been set up to assist the many members of the cast and crew who have been displaced by the invasion. Donate here.

All proceeds from the 2022 Slamdance t-shirt will be donated to support the A Family fundraiser. Shirts available here.
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