Produced by Brian Lonano & Kevin Daniel Lonano

Directed by Nick Morgan, Mark Malek, Blake Myers, Lucas Godfrey, Andrea Acs, William Mahaffey & Jessica Shipp, Anna Spence, Stephen Stull, Vincent K. Guagenti, Toniet Gallego, Toniet Gallego, Kevin Fermini & Radel Huley, Francisco Lacerda, Brian Lonano & Kevin Daniel Lonano, Travis Tomlinson, Jay Wade Edwards, Hondo Pérez, Mariella Pérez & Robert Pérez

An exquisite corpse re-imagining of "Frankenstein" created by 21 filmmakers under lockdown with whatever means available. Dr. Frankenstein and his Hunchback servant raid a cemetery and brain depository for body parts to make a monster and bring it to life. After being imprisoned and tormented by the Hunchback, the Monster escapes and encounters a little girl, a blind man from New Jersey and an Angry Mob. Back at the lab, Dr. Frankenstein creates the Bride to his search for the Monster, who finds refuge at Dracula's castle. The Monster falls asleep and has a bad dream while Dracula calls Dr. Frankenstein. The Doctor and the Bride show up and take the Monster home.

Filmmakers' Statement & Vision

Filmmakers Brian Lonano & Kevin Daniel Lonano, responsible for the cult short film “Gwilliam”, sought out filmmakers and friends under quarantine to create an exquisite corpse version of the classic film “Frankenstein.”

A rough outline consisting of 13 scenes was written. The scenes were then randomly assigned to the 21 filmmakers and were given 31 days to complete their scene. Filmmakers were asked not to communicate with one another about their scenes or spend any money. Brian and Kevin then “stitched” together the scenes into one film and the results are exciting and bizarre.

“Several of the filmmakers are first time directors so it’s been exciting to see how creative they were on this project,” says Brian. “It’s what I hoped to achieve with QUARANSTEIN; trippy lo-fi filmmaking mixed with schlocky stupidity!”


Producers | Brian Lonano & Kevin Daniel Lonano

Directed by | Nick Morgan
Princess Pandemic | Rachelle Morgan

Scene 01
Directed by | Mark Malek
Special Thanks | Lucas Godfrey & Luke Myers

Scene 02
Directed by | Blake Myers
Camera Operator | Alyssa Myers

Scene 03
Directed by | Lucas Godfrey
Special Thanks. | Rene Arriagada

Scene 04
Directed & Animated by | Andrea Acs

Scene 05
Directed by | William Mahaffey & Jessica Shipp
The Bride Centerfold by | Chris Roberts
Music by | The Midnight Bombers What Bomb At Midnight

Scene 06
Directed by | Anna Spence
Additional Rotoscoping | Victoria Cook

Scene 07
Directed by | Stephen Stull
Little Girl/Production Assistant | Jennifer Keating

Scene 08
Directed by | Vincent K. Guagenti
Commodore Gorilla/Mrs. Blindman | Mandy Guagenti

Scene 09
Directed & Animated by | Toniet Gallego
Assistant to the Director | Jeremy Frank

Scene 10
Directed by | Kevin Fermini & Radel Huley
Music by | Dream Division
Sound Editing | Jack Warner

Scene 11
Directed by | Francisco Lacerda
Vampire Brides/Make-up/Hairstyling/Wardrobe | Anu Saarikoski
Backgrounds & Animation | Wally Chung

Scene 12
Directed by Brian Lonano & Kevin Daniel Lonano War Scene VFX by Jeff Jenkins

Scene 13
Directed by | Travis Tomlinson
Bride of Frankenstein | Dailie O’Connor

Music Video (Live Action)
Directed by | Jay Wade Edwards
Make-up/Pizza Delivery | Verdell Wilson

Music Video (Animation)
Directed by | Hondo Pérez, Mariella Pérez & Robert Pérez
Frankie | Elvis Pérez

Portraits of the Monster | Roman Catello Victoria Cook, Jim DeSantis, Mandy Guagenti, Brian Lonano, Emmett James Lonano, Kevin Daniel Lonano, Quinn Charlotte Lonano, Katherine Spence

Quaranstein Logo & Credits | Jeff Jenkins
Music for Scenes 06, 09, & 13 | Mark Malek Quaranstein
Opening Theme | John DeSentis
Sound Mixing | Erich Netherton

“Quaranstein” Written & Performed by The Whim Whams

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