About Slamdance

Slamdance is a community, a year-round experience, and a statement in which everyone is invited to take part. The first Slamdance Film Festival was held in 1995 by a wild bunch of filmmakers who were tired of relying on a large, oblique system to showcase their work. Since then, Slamdance has proven year after year that independent grassroots communities can take risks on bold talent and launch careers that change the industry. Our artist-led community continues to discover and nurture diverse, international creators through various programs throughout the year, focusing on new writers, digital and interactive art, grants and mentorship, DIY film education, film screenings and of course, the Slamdance Film Festival.

Slamdance Headquarters

Peter Baxter, president and co-founder of Slamdance.

Peter Baxter

President & Co-Founder

Michael Morin, Festival Producer of Slamdance

Taylor Miller

Festival Director, Co-Founder Slamdance Unstoppable

Michael Morin, Festival Producer of Slamdance

Michael Morin

Festival Producer

Leila Salari, Festival Producer of Slamdance

Leila Salari

Festival Producer

Portrait of Brogan Luke Bouwhuis

Anna Lee Lawson

Film Festival & Screenplay Competition Manager

Portrait of Baxter Parrott

Cayden Turnbow

Media Manager

Portrait of Lalith Goli

Dekker Dreyer

Marketing Consultant

Rahul Barkley

PR & Marketing Coordinator

Portrait of Lalith Goli

Brittney Thaxton

Accessibility Coordinator

Gabriel Monroe Eckert

Social Media, Digital Content Manager