Screenplay FAQ


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Am I able to update my screenplay once submitted?

We unfortunately do not update drafts after a screenplay has been submitted. Please make sure you stand by the draft you are submitting, because that is what the reader will see and judge. You can resubmit your script as a new entry but all submission fees will still apply and each draft will be considered as a separate entry.

What should I include on my Cover Page?

Screenplays must have a cover page that includes the script’s title. Other info can be included on the cover page, but is not required.

Can I go over the page count that is listed for the screenplay competition?

Our readers will not read past the page limit so please keep your script under the page count listed.

I updated my screenplay on FilmFreeway, will the new version be judged instead of the one I submitted before?

Unfortunately even if a script is updated on FilmFreeway our readers only have access to the first submission you submitted. We unfortunately don’t update drafts after they have been submitted.

Can I include supplemental materials as part of my submission?

Supplemental materials are not required for your submission, and readers are not required to read them. If you wish to include them, they should be included at the end of the pdf and will count towards the page count for the submission.

Why is there a submission fee?

The submission fee goes towards paying our readers and our staff so they can review your work and manage the competition.

Am I able to get a waiver for the Screenplay Competition?

As much as we wish we could, we unfortunately do not offer submission waivers or discounts for our screenplay competition. We hope you understand and if you are still able to submit, we recommend you do so by our early deadline while fees are at their lowest.

Can I submit a show bible/character designs/ other supportive material to go with my TV PILOT?

Yes, we recommend that writers include up to 5 pages of additional material at the end of their script PDF that can act as a show bible to give readers extra context for the  pilot episode.

Can I submit a new version or draft of my screenplay?

You can submit a new draft but it will be considered as a new entry and will require a separate entry fee. The new version will be judged independently from the old version by a new reader. Unfortunately, we are unable to update entries with new drafts due to the nature of the judging process. 

Will I receive feedback on my submission?

Every entrant will receive short feedback from one of our readers. It will include a genre suggestion, a logline, and a paragraph outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your screenplay. The goal of the feedback is to provide you with short & sweet constructive criticism of your work. If you would like more extensive feedback, you can add-on the additional full coverage report.

What if I hate or disagree with my feedback?

The feedback that you received is just one industry professional’s opinion of your work. You are completely entitled to disagree. We try to keep our reviews constructive and helpful, but it is ultimately up to you as a writer whether to accept the criticism and advice. Look for the note behind the note.

Do readers read the whole script?

Our readers are carefully vetted and are required to read scripts in their entirety, a process which we monitor closely.