Screenplay Clinic

The Slamdance Screenplay Clinic offers a chance for writers to develop and discuss their work at length with experts that want to help.

We offer a range of services including expanded coverage, polish editing, structural analysis, and good old-fashioned brainstorming. The Screenplay Clinic is operated separately from the Slamdance Screenplay Competition and is available year round.


All projects begin with an initial consultation for $250. It consists of three steps:

  • Once you submit your clinic service request, you will be contacted by one of our coaches. They will answer your basic clinic questions and get things started with your coaching process. 
  • Once we receive your $250 clinic fee and a PDF of your script, we get to work. 
  • Your coach will provide an exhaustive coverage report of about five pages that discusses the strengths, weaknesses, and methods for improving your script.
  • Then, you and your coach will have a 60-minute Zoom or phone call follow-up to discuss your project and the coverage report in depth. This is where you can brainstorm together, get your questions answered, and craft a plan for your next draft. 

90% of this initial fee will go directly to your coach, who must prepare extensively to give your project the attention that it deserves.


“A good script doctor helps an author find his or her voice. It’s never about you. It’s about your clients. How can you help others realize their artistic visions as well as develop a property that can be sold and produced? Those are the keys to success.” — Noel Lawrence

Anjini Taneja Azhar

Anjini Taneja Azhar is a director and screenwriter based in Los Angeles who began her career an actress in 2011 in features such as JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, as well as TV such as Ryan Murphy’s The New Normal and HBO’s The Brink. She has since written and directed award-winning shorts, produced for Fortune 500 companies, and co-written a feature for a prominent producer at CAA. Anjini has been featured for her work in Forbes, Women Cinemakers Biennale Edition, and Ladygunn Magazine.

Anjini is a WritersxWriters Finalist, Hollyshorts Screenplay Competition 2nd Place Winner, Golden Script Finalist and PAGE Awards Semifinalist.

Anna Siri

Anna is an award-winning screenwriter and independent producer with both short and feature film credits. She works regularly as a consultant, ghostwriter, screenplay contest and festival judge, and script doctor, and hails from a background that includes Northwestern University and the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting. She enjoys scripts in all genres.

Beverly Neufeld

Beverly Neufeld empowers writers to get their vision and their voices seen and heard. She holds an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA, has won numerous awards, and was the Director of Development for Juntobox Films. She teaches online coverage classes for Roadmap Writers, and freelances as a script consultant and script doctor. She consults for various companies such as CAA, Gersh, FOX, Slamdance, Coverage Ink, and the PAGE competition and teaches Screenplay and Story Analysis at USC Film School.

Heidi Hornbacher

Dedicated to writers reaching their full potential, Heidi and her husband (both UCLA grads) founded PageCraft in 2008, offering screenwriting retreats in Italy and LA. Heidi evaluates scripts across a broad range of parameters including style, tone, plot, structure, character, dialog, and commercial potential. She helps writers understand how to make their work shine. Her clients have gone on to find representation, get staffed, win film and writing festivals, and even garner a daytime Emmy nod.

Noel Lawrence

Noel Lawrence makes, curates, distributes, and writes about cinema. He is currently working on his latest feature, Sammy Gate. After receiving a master’s degree in Russian Literature from Stanford University, Noel transitioned into creative writing. Since then, he has regularly consulted on teleplays and features in development. His clients have been able to secure production deals, win major film festivals, and garner critical acclaim.”


To inquire more about our Screenplay Clinic services, please fill out the Request Service form here.