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Black Art Matters.

Support Black Slamdance Filmmakers

Slamdance is proud to stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. Here are some Black Slamdance filmmakers that we encourage you to follow and support. For more resources and ways to support Black artists check out this list created by Free the Work. Haley Elizabeth Anderson Director/Writer of  Get Out Fast (2017) Filmmaker Website Follow on: Instagram Watch: Selected works on Vimeo     Lyndon Barrois Director/Writer of Prizefighter (2019) Filmmaker Website Follow on: Instagram | Twitter Watch: Selected works on It's a Wrapper     Naima Ramos-Chapman Director of And Nothing Happened (2016) and Piu Piu (2019) Filmmaker Website Follow on: Instagram Watch: Betty and Random Acts of Flyness on HBO     Jomo Fray Cinematographer of Get Out Fast (2017) and Nettles (2019) Filmmaker Website Follow on: Instagram Watch: Selah and the Spades on Amazon     Merawi Gerima Director/Writer of Residue (2020) Film Website Follow on: Instagram | Twitter       Rendah Haj Director of Hayat (2020) Follow on: Instagram         Rickerby Hinds Screenwriter of My Name is Myeisha (2018) Website Follow on: Instagram Watch: My Name is Myeisha on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play or YouTube     Raven Jackson Director/Writer of Nettles (2019) Filmmaker Website Follow on: Instagram Watch: Selected works on Vimeo     Nailah...

What the heck does it take to get my film into Slamdance?

Tips and Insights from Slamdance Festival Programmers We know the festival submission process can seem pretty mysterious and we want to make submitting to Slamdance a little more transparent. As our motto proclaims, we are filmmakers here to help fellow filmmakers. Most of us are alumni of the festival who have been in your shoes—confused and nervous about navigating the festival circuit with our first films. Somehow, through some combination of grit and magic, we are now on the other side as Slamdance programmers! We’ve been there, and we’ve been here, and we want to help. How programming works at Slamdance We’re all filmmakers and we’re all volunteers. Almost all of us have screened films at Slamdance. Every film submitted is watched in its entirety by at least two different programmers. We have around 150 programmers from throughout the US and around the world. They are watching your online screeners at their convenience from wherever they are in the world. Every programmer has an equal voice. We don’t have lower tier screeners acting as gatekeepers. 100% of films selected come from our submissions pool. We don’t make promises to friends or celebrities. They have to submit just like everybody else. After every film is watched and scored at least twice, our programming teams meet in...

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