What is Slamdance Unstoppable?

Slamdance Unstoppable is a showcase of films made by filmmakers with visible and non-visible disabilities. Programmed exclusively by disabled artists, Slamdance Unstoppable aims to eliminate the prejudices and gate-keeping that have historically kept disabled filmmakers from being represented in the entertainment industry.

Slamdance Unstoppable began with a letter to Slamdance Co-Founder Peter Baxter from filmmaker and disability awareness advocate Juliet Romeo. She said that a program for and by disabled filmmakers at Slamdance was not only important, but necessary.

She was right.

Slamdance Unstoppable is the result of that letter. In a relatively short time, films selected through Slamdance Unstoppable have become an integral part of Slamdance’s festival DNA. Beginning with a showcase of short films at the 2021 Slamdance Film Festival, the program has since grown to include feature films. And after two years of virtual screenings, we’re delighted to finally present the first in-person Unstoppable showcase at the University of Utah as part of the 2023 Slamdance Film Festival!

And that’s only the beginning. As Newton said, an object in motion stays in motion... and Slamdance Unstoppable isn’t stopping anytime soon.

We are proud to offer all 2023 Unstoppable screenings at the University of Utah free of charge. If you would like to donate in support of Slamdance Unstoppable, click here.

Accessibility Information

Salt Lake City Weather & Elevation: Salt Lake City has an elevation of 4,225 feet and an average January temperature between 27° and 40° Fahrenheit.

University of Utah: Handicapped parking is located just outside the Student Union building. There are five wheelchair spaces in the theater. Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are down the hall from the theater next to the check-in desk. A wheelchair-accessible elevator is on the far west side of the building. All films will be screened with captions. An ASL interpreter will be present for panels and Q&As.

Park City Weather & Elevation: Park City has an elevation of 7,000 feet and an average January temperature between 14° and 35° Fahrenheit.

Treasure Mountain Inn: Parking is not available on Main Street during the festival. Wheelchair-accessible access to Treasure Mountain Inn is available via an elevator on the north side of the building. Staff members will be on hand to create space for wheelchair users in screening rooms. Select films will be screened with captions. Each screening room has at least eight sets of standard outlets and a power inverter with 240v outlet is available upon request. Filtered water is available between the Great Room and Crescent Room entrances next to the black doors.

The Slamdance Channel: All films and panels will be available with captions.

For additional questions, contact Slamdance Accessibility Coordinator Gabriel Misla at accessibility@slamdance.com.