Announcing the Slamdance 2022 Award Winners

Slamdance is delighted to announce the winners of the 2022 Slamdance Film Festival. The full festival is still available for on-demand streaming through 6 February with your $10 virtual pass. Watch now.

Experimental Shorts

Honorable Mention: Compositions for Understanding Relationships, directed by David De La Fuente

Grand Jury Winner: Chameleon (A Visual Album), directed by Jaamil Olawale Kosoki & Ima Iduozee

Animated Shorts

Honorable Mention: Oldboy's Apples, directed by Brad Hock

Grand Jury Winner: I'm Here, directed by Julia Orlik

Documentary Shorts

Honorable Mention: Walls Cannot Keep Us From Flying, directed by Jonathan Mehring

Grand Jury Winner: The Ritual to Beauty, directed by Shenny de Los Angeles & Maria Marrone

Narrative Shorts

Honorable Mention: See You, Garbage! directed by Romain Dumont

Grand Jury Winner: Ratking, directed by Eric Colonna

CreativeFuture Innovation Award

Winner: My Parent, Neal, directed by Hannah Saidiner

George Starks Spirit of Slamdance Award

Winner: Sasha Levinson, director of Sylvie of the Sunshine State

Audience Awards

Episodes: The Ember Knight Show: "Getting Mad" created by Ember Knight & Bobby McCoy

Documentary Feature: Iron Family, directed by Patrick Longstreth

Narrative Feature: The Civil Dead, directed by Clay Tatum & Whitmer Thomas

AGBO Fellowship

Winner: Ethan Eng, director of Therapy Dogs


Honorable Mention: Selahy (My Weapon), directed by Alaa Zabara

Grand Jury Winner: Straighten Up and Fly Right, directed by Kristen Abate & Steven Tanenbaum

Breakout Features

Honorable Mention: Retrograde, directed by Adrian Murray

Grand Jury Winner: Killing the Eunuch KHAN, directed by Abed Abest

Documentary Features

Honorable Mention: Fury, directed by Krzysztof Kasior

Grand Jury Winner: Forget Me Not, directed by Olivier Bernier

Narrative Features

Honorable Mention: Ultrainocencia, directed by Manuel Arija

Grand Jury Winner: Hannah Ha Ha, directed by Jordan Tetewsky & Joshua Pikovsky

Outstanding Performance in a Short Film or Episode


  • Pawel Bloch of Beyond is the Day
  • Batel Moseri of Bracha
  • Julian Parker of Devonte
  • Brian Demarco of Foulmouth
  • Shabana Azeez of Illustrating Sam Newton
  • Patsy Ferran of Kafkas
  • Lina Green of Oreo: Trilogy
  • Kelsey Johnson of Roommates
  • Siria Kickett of Sparkles

Winner: Batel Moseri of Bracha

Outstanding Performance in a Feature Film


  • Kit Zauhar of Actual People
  • Effi Rabsilber of Be Right Back
  • Hannah Lee Thompson of Hannah Ha Ha
  • Xingchen Liu of We Are Living Things
  • Kristen Abate of Straighten Up and Fly Right
  • Isadora Leiva of Yelling Fire in an Empty Theater

Winner: Hannah Lee Thompson of Hannah Ha Ha

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